Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Renewable Energy The One Bright Spot in Today’s Job Market..........Really?

We would be cautiously optimistic and say maybe. Look what the New York State Energy Research Development Authority (NYSERDA) has been up to...New Green Jobs Program Targets Women and Minorities.  All of this may seem like a small step, but isn't that how long journeys start, with one step at a time? Ok, once skill is acquired, what to do with it?  It seems that a bipartisan SAVE Act was introduced in the Senate. This in and of itself is a milestone (we do like milestones) given the political climate in Washington these days, but even more astonishing is the bill supports energy efficiency and could therefore be called “green”. The idea is that the SAVE Act would provide lower rate mortgage financing for cost effective energy improvements; allow homebuilders and homeowners to recover the cost of efficiency investments; and enable better federal mortgage underwriting while lowering utility bills for American households. More benefits of the SAVE Act are listed here. Of course, components like exposure to opportunities, education and funding do not guarantee success, but without them success certainly is not likely to be achieved or sustained. Successful small businesses are started and operated by individuals with a little opportunity and a lot of initiative.